Our origin

The BESV brand was created and founded by Andy Su, CEO of the Darfon Group, out of passion for cycling and his background in electronics. Combine these two things and the only logical outcome is an e-bike brand with a great future based on innovations that will leave the world amazed.

Who we are

BESV is an international company that manufactures and sells high-quality electric bicycles. Not only provided with unique and stylish designs, but also equipped with advanced software technology and a focus on innovation. In fact, to achieve the highest degree of precision and quality, we have developed our own testing equipment and extensive verification procedures and systems. So we can guarantee the quality of our production is of the same high standard as our design.


Our commitment

To be successful in the electric bike market, you have to provide the customer with an e-bike that is exciting and different from the competitors. Consequently, this is why we have and will continue to focus on developing an unique and amazing user-experience. Since this is the core of the BESV e-bike brand, it is the guiding force for our management, operational, and marketing efforts as well.

Our story

BESV is committed to create a great experience for everyone by riding an e-bike. That’s why we work with all our strengths to design high-quality electric bikes and accessories. Combining advanced software technology, manufacturing innovation and unique, stylish designs. All in the light of providing customers a truly amazing user experience and based on our three principles below:



BESV creates products that capture the imagination and are exciting, because we believe that design should be inspiring and developed from the heart. Overall, our bikes are not just functional but also great looking.

Eco friendly|BESV


We, as an international company take our responsibility towards the environment. Based on innovative technologies, we create sustainable products that contribute to enhancement of the environment with a view to now and the future.



Using the most advanced technologies, we create our products more intelligent to optimize the user experience. For example, our e-bikes are not only responsive but also intuitive to different users and changing conditions.

Vision |BESV


Together, these three principles represent a Vision for everything we do and form the initial letters of our name-BESV. It is also these principles that lead to our exceptional products. Truly great e-bikes with pedal assistance delivering a fabulous riding experience.

Lady riding TRX Urban

What makes an e-bike a BESV e-bike?

If manufacturing innovation and technology integration come together, the result is an e-bike you’ve never experienced before. Above all beautifully designed and fully equipped with advanced Shimano smart technology. Of course our e-bikes not only deliver a stylish, environmentally friendly mode of transportation, but also a truly great riding experience.

  • Inspiring design;
  • Shimano systems ensure a reliable e-bike product;
  • Smart battery technology enables you to ride longer and further.
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