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Buying a BESV e-bike

BESV is an international company that manufactures and sells high-quality electric bicycles with unique and stylish designand  advanced software technology and innovation. To achieve the highest degree of precision and quality, we have developed our own testing equipment and extensive verification procedures and systems to ensure that the quality of our production is of the same high standard as that of our design. BESV is part of Darfon, which is a leading specialist in environmentally friendly technologies providing innovative IT peripherals, passive Components and green energy solutions. Darfon is a subsidary of the BenQ Group which consists of more than 16 companies that make up the largest tech company in Taiwan. With more than 10,000 employees, Darfon is a solid party and has a lot of knowledge in the field of E-Bike battery technology.


Why choose BESV?

  • It is a world-class company with high quality standards and service.
  • 2 years warranty on electrical components (Motor, Battery, Display etc).
  • Beautiful design!

There are a number of dealers and service points available. Of course, we continue to recruit more and more dealers and service points in different countries.

Please call your local dealer to confirm the opening hours  before visiting their store.

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Especially in daily use and on extended trips, the e-bike shows its benefits. Daily commuting doesn’t end in a sweat, and a trailer for children is much easier to pull.

Other benefits:

  • Technology of the future;
  • Positive environmental impact;
  • Save time on travel;
  • Less effort;
  • Physical health benefits;
  • Fun;
  • Increased distance/steepness.

City e-bike

City e-bikes are unbeatable everyday companions that allow you to easily cover short or medium distances in and around the city. Whether it’s a ride to work or school, a shopping trip or a leisure ride, you can enjoy them all, regardless of rush hour or public schedules. Child seats, bike baskets or panniers fit neatly on the rack. In general, e-bikes in the city are equipped in such a way that you can pass through a traffic control without problems. All the equipment that the bike requires from legislation in your country is included. For ease of use, city bikes often have hub gears and therefore fewer gears, for the city and flat terrain with paved roads this is more than sufficient. If you like to cycle straight through the city, a city bike is exactly what you need.


Trekking e-bike

These e-bikes designed for long-distance travel and pavement-based adventuring are a very popular choice for commuters and cycle tourists. Our trekking bikes are equipped with more gears, stronger motors and rear carriers which enable you to mount panniers. If you like to ride long distances  a trekking bike is exactly what you need.


It’s not just the usual tracks that are a working field for e-bikes these days. The more sporty variants are becoming increasingly popular, because they make completely new possibilities accessible to riders. Modern motors decouple from 25 km/h, meaning that top speed only applies to the drive assist, but not to the fantastic flight downhill. How fast you descend technically demanding trails through an indepth mountain range depends entirely on you and your courage.

But you don’t have to plan the most daring vertical descents to enjoy such a bike. Even if you like to ride off the beaten path, an e-mtb opens up completely new possibilities. The development and equipment of e-mountain bikes are advancing rapidly. Should you be interested, we have the right answer with the TRX and TRS. If you like challenges and want to ride off track, the e-mtb is exactly the bike you are looking for.


Urban e-bike

If you value design and style in your choice of bike, then you should have a look at Urban E-Bikes. BESV Urban e-bike models are capable to cross any road and any path, and are ready for anything the urban jungle throws in its way. Fitted with fenders, carrier and lights, there is nothing you cannot do with these bikes. If you want to face any challenge, our urban e-bikes are the bikes you are looking for.

Not sure what size you need? We will be happy to help you. Which frame size you need depends on several things like use, body height, step length and so on. We make it as easy as possible for you to find your bike in your perfect size. You can find the frame geometry on every product page.

Testrides can be arranged upon request. Fill out our contact form and describe in the message area which e-bike you would like to test and which country and city you are living in.

Ordering at BESV is very easy. You just follow the next steps:

  • Select the e-bike of your choice and add the item in your shopping cart.
  • Check the order in the shopping cart and verify the information. If something is incorrect, you can change it in the shopping cart. You can remove an item or change the quantity you want to order for a product.
  • If everything is correct, click on the payment button and follow the payment instructions. The order is placed with the completion of payment after which you will receive an order confirmation.

At our shop you can choose from several payment options including:

  • iDEAL
  • Klarna
  • Credit cards: Visa, Master credit card, Maestro credit card, American Express credit card.
  • Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay

The order will be delivered at your selected dealer. Your dealer will contact you as soon as the e-bike is available for pick up.

You can always cancel your order. Have you already paid for your order and cancelled it? We will refund the purchase price as soon as possible and at the latest within 14 days.


It is very difficult to provide you with detailed information about the range of a battery as it depends on many different parameters (rider weight, terrain, tires, tire pressure, temperature, etc.) You will find more information about the specifications of the battery on the detail page of the product.

For the PSF1 the total weight limit is set at 95 kg for an e-bike. This weight includes the weight of the rider, bike and all equipment.

E-folding bikes are space-savers and highly practical in city traffic. In addition, folding bikes can be taken on trips without any problems. Our PSF1 is not only very practical, but also very stylish. If you are looking for a compact e-bike, the PSF1 is just right for you.

In brief:

  1. compact
  2. fast
  3. agile
  4. light

No. The adjusted ratio range means that you can pedal just as comfortably and quickly as with a conventional bike. A small wheel is also lighter and more stable, and accelerates better.

It takes just six steps for you to fold your PSF1 together to its smallest dimensions. This product page shows you how it’s done.

Front wheel motor (hub motor)

Front wheel motors nowadays are used less then in the past. This is partly due to the superiour performance of mid and rear wheel motors, and partly because the steering behaviour is sometimes perceived as less pleasant  by riders due to the feeling of being pulled forwards.


  • Chain and hub gear possible;
  • Affordable.


  • Heavy engine can affect steering behaviour;
  • Front fork heavily loaded;
  • Supports rather inharmonious; some have clear front or rear end.



Mid-motors are the new standard in the e-bike industry! These types of motors ara available on the different e-bike categories that BESV offers. Guaranteeing a natural riding experience thanks to the low centre of gravity.


  • Compact architecture;
  • All shifting groups can be installed;
  • Suitable for a wide range of products
  • Natural feeling of support.


  • higher wear of chain and sprocket.


Rear wheel motor (hub motor)

Rear wheel motor have a sporty feel are more quiet and put less strain on the chain and the sprockets.


  • No traction problems;
  • Wear of chain and sprocket is low;
  • Very quiet, usually strong.


  • More heavy at the rear;
  • Removal of the rear wheel is not easy.
Developed exclusively by BESV, Smart Mode calculates the level of support you need for optimal riding comfort, considering both riding conditions and your pedalling strength. Smart Mode Intuitively and intelligently adjusts the power as you ride. Smart Mode uses advanced sensor technology and our patented Algorythm software to automatically adjust power to always keep you in your comfort zone – at an optimum torque of 25-45Nm. (Smart mode is available on the JF1 and PSF1).

No, you do not have to. You can recharge your BESV battery at any time. Your BESV battery is a lithium-ion battery cell, which has no memory effect.  However, it is recommended that you always keep your BESV battery as fully charged as possible to prolong its lifespan.

In general, the charging efficiency of a battery decreases as the battery life increases. For example, if the battery has been fully charged more than 300 times, it can only be charged to 80 percent. After 500 times of fully charging, the battery can only be charged to 75 percent. And after 1,000 times of fully charging, the battery can only be charged to 60 percent.

Yes, you can use the e-bike in the rain without any concerns. The e-bike is protected against rain and splashes, but not against riding through rivers when the motor is submerged in water.

Service & Warranty

Contact your local BESV dealer and provide your warranty card to the dealer for assistance.

You have a two year warranty on the battery after purchasing the e-bike. For warranty questions about the battery please contact us directly.

User manuals

You can find the Quick Guide User Manual under every product page in the downloads & videos tab.

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