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BESV is a trademark of Darfon Europe BV We are registered at the Chamber of Commerce under the trade number 61951064. You can find us at the address below that is also our return address.

Darfon Europe BV (acting as BESV)
Habraken 2145A
5507TE Veldhoven
VAT number: NL854563210B01

Reflection time

The 14-day legal cooling-off period applies to all your online purchases. This means that you can dissolve the purchase agreement during this period without giving a reason.

Right of withdrawal

The cooling-off period (or: withdrawal period) ends when 14 days, starting after the day on which you or someone you have designated as the recipient, and therefore not the carrier, physically take possession of the product, have expired. If you receive multiple goods, shipments or parts from one order at multiple times, the cooling-off period starts when you or a third party designated by you (not being the carrier) physically receives the last good, the last shipment or the last part . This does not apply if an item is not in stock.

To make use of your right of withdrawal, you must inform us by means of an unambiguous statement (for example by post or e-mail) that you want to return / cancel your purchase. For this you can use the model form for withdrawal. You can also use the return method on our website. Do you want to return your order? Then you just have to make sure that we receive your request within the set reflection time. Then you have met your obligations and we will get to work with your request!

Exclusion cooling-off period

Consequences of the cancellation

If you cancel the agreement, you will receive all payments that you have made up to that point in return. These are the costs including delivery costs, unless you have chosen a delivery method that is more expensive than our standard delivery method (for example COD). If you have chosen a delivery method that is more expensive than our standard delivery method, we are not obliged to bear the additional costs for the more expensive delivery. In that case you will receive the standard delivery costs back. We will refund the amount to you as quickly as possible, but no more than 14 days after we have heard from you that you want to cancel / cancel / return your order. Unless we have offered to collect the return from you, we may wait with reimbursement until we have received the products back or until you have demonstrated that you have returned the goods.


You will get the amount back with the same payment method that you used to pay, unless you have explicitly agreed to a different form of reimbursement. We do not charge any costs for such reimbursements.


When BESV has received your cancellation notice within a maximum of 14 days, your purchased product(s) can be returned to the dealer where the e-bike(s) and / or accessoires were bought for a refund under certain conditions which are mentioned below.

These conditions only applies to to cases where orders were cancelled within the standard cooling-off period (14 days).

Conditions return / exchange

As we want you to be satisfied with the product(s) you have purchases, we understand that you first want to take a closer look and want to test the ordered product briefly. It is important to know what a short test means to avoid misunderstandings.

If your use of the product(s) exceeds the nature, characteristics, and operation of the product than necessary for good testing (intensive use), then you are responsible for the depreciation of the product as a result of using the product.

Return bicycles – Testing

To evaluate a bicycle, it is not required to ride a bicycle for more than 5 kilometers. If you exceed this number, BESV is unfortunately forced to charge depreciation costs due to the ‘used’ status of the e-bike. Accordingly, if your returned product is complete or undamaged, our dealers may charge you depreciation charges.

Disclaimer: Have no worries! We have never had a customer return his bike due to dissatisfaction with our e-bike products.

What is a debit?

If you do ride more than 5 kilometers, we are forced to charge 25% of the total sale price as a depreciation fee. Furthermore, we may charge extra for the number of kilometers you have travelled or based on the level of damage that the product has.

When the e-bike is returned to the dealer, the expert technicians will fully inspect the e-bike so that a fair and proper estimate of depreciation is always made.

If parts (such as keys) are missing, the associated costs will be included in the total debit amount that will be charged.

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