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Bike carrier for e-bike

Everything you need to know to safely transport your e-bikes by car

Do you want to take your e-bike(s) on holiday? Or do you like to find the most beautiful cycling routes by car? Then a good bike carrier for e-bikes is indispensable. But what is a good bike carrier? What type is suitable for BESV e-bikes? And is your car actually suitable to mount a bike carrier? You can read all that and more advice about buying an electric bike carrier here!

Electric bike carrier: always on the towbar

As you may know, there are three types of bike carriers: towbar carriers, roof racks and tailgate carriers. Because of the weight of an e-bike, we recommend you always go for a towbar carrier. Tailgate carriers are not suitable for e-bikes anyway, as these usually have a maximum load of 15 kg per bike (an e-bike weighs about 25 to 30 kg). Roof racks can usually carry two e-bikes, but can you lift them? Unless you’re a professional weightlifter, the answer is probably no. In short: choose an e-bike carrier for the tow bar.


What is a good bike carrier for e-bikes?

When picking the ideal bike carrier for your BESV e-bikes, there are a number of things you should consider. We have listed these for you in the following lines.


First, it is important that the bike carrier is sturdy enough to carry your E-bikes. Therefore, pay attention to the load capacity of the carrier. Depending on the model you have, your E-bike will weigh, as mentioned, about 25 to 30 kg. To transport two bikes, you need at least 60 kg of loading capacity.



Because the bike carrier blocks the rear lights of your car, they are equipped with lights themselves. For these lights to work properly, the bike carrier must be connected to the car with a plug. Please note that there are bike carriers with only rear light and flashing light (without rear fog light and reversing light), and bike carriers with a complete lighting set. In the Netherlands, rear fog and reversing lights are not mandatory, but they are in neighbouring countries (e.g., Germany and Belgium). We therefore recommend going for a carrier with all lights so that you can ride anywhere with your e-bikes.

Keep in mind that the plug connection differs per type of lighting. A carrier with a complete set has a 13-pin plug, and therefore only fits on a 13-pin socket. Does your car have a 7-pin connector? Then you can buy an adapter for this.

Tiltable e-bike carrier

With a bike carrier upright on the tow bar, it is impossible to open the tailgate of your car. Not very convenient of course. Fortunately, the bike carrier manufacturers have found a solution: a tilt mechanism. So, when you’re looking for a carrier, make sure it tilts, and that it tilts smoothly. Cheap models with such a tilting function are often very heavy to tilt. Luxurious models are equipped with a smart system, where you also use your foot to tilt.


Not necessary, but very handy when you want to store the carrier: a folding function. This allows you to store the thing compactly in your garage during the winter, or put it in the trunk of your car during your holiday, so you don’t have to leave it on your towbar the whole time.

Loading ramp for bike carrier

In order to place the fairly heavy bikes easily and comfortably on the bike carrier, you can use a ramp. Some models come with such a ramp as standard, but what you usually see is that it is sold as an extra accessory. So, you don’t want to lift too much your bike? Make sure that the ramp is included with the bike carrier for e-bikes, or order it as an extra.

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