Commuting on the e-bike

Cycling to work is not for everyone. The travel distance, arriving sweaty and wind against are often the problem. However, these arguments are no longer as big a problem as they used to be.

Many people consciously choose to cycle to work and with good reason! Cycling is healthy, great exercise and you are outside as well! So by bike to work? Definitely do it!

But perhaps you have a different feeling about it; heavy traffic, cars and mopeds racing by and all that pedaling makes you sweaty too. Not the nicest feeling to start a working day with.

An e-bike for commuting purpose offers many advantages and often solves the above problems.


Why an e-bike?

First, of course, it is healthy. It is much better than sitting still in the car or train! Secondly, you are in the open air. Third, it is good for the climate and our environment. How about the difference in pollution when you go by bike compared to a car. The CO2 emissions are many times smaller than the average car. And finally, by using the e-bike the travel distance is much less important because the average speed is higher compared to a “normal” bike and you can enjoy a nice pedal-assistance.

And don’t forget you arrive at work much fresher. Your colleagues will appreciate that too!

FAQ  Why an e-bike

A suitable commuting e-bike 

Of course, it is often busy in an environment where there is a lot of commuter traffic. Because an e-bike often has a higher speed than a “normal” bike, it is very important that the e-bike is of good quality, so you arrive at your work or home in a pleasant, safe way. In any case, pay attention to the following points:

  • Make sure the e-bike is maneuverable and stable. So that you do not fall at an unexpected movement or turn.
  • The speed of an e-bike is almost always higher than a normal bicycle. 25 km per hour is quite a high speed to pedal without motor assistance. But this speed is quite achievable with electric motor support. A higher average speed also means that braking becomes even more important. There are different types of braking systems on the market and unfortunately not all braking systems are equally suitable.
  • The ‘battery power’ aspect is also important. It is therefore important to know what distance is to be driven every day. Depending on that, the battery power can be determined. For example, there are foldable commuting e-bikes. Very handy if you travel by train and have to cover short distances to, for example, your work. In such an e-bike, the battery is lighter. So you can easily pick up the bike and possibly easily load it into your car to take the e-bike to the campsite, for example.


Distinctive power

The development of e-bikes has taken off in recent years. There are many different suppliers and even more choices. To be distinctive, production innovation and technology integration must come together. Only then will an electric bike emerge as you have never experienced before. To make the right choice of e-bike, it is wise to have a clear purpose for use. There are many types of e-bikes that you can comfortably ride.

Read the FAQ to make the best choice


Your e-bike with feeling

An e-bike is no small purchase. And of course, in addition to the important technical aspects, you want an e-bike that is beautiful. You want a beautifully designed commuting e-bike that is fully equipped with advanced smart technology. With the aim of transporting yourself in a stylish, environmentally friendly way. But most of all you want a truly amazing riding experience. And that is possible!


The e-bike manufacturers continue to develop so that cycling becomes even more pleasant and comfortable. For example, smart software is being developed to optimize battery power or apps that give you all kinds of information. In this way, you can move quickly and easily through the traffic and cycling on the e-bike becomes a fantastic and especially fun experience.


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