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Company bike 2021

Employees who cycle to work are fitter, healthier and more productive than those who take the train or car. And it is much better for the environment! In addition, in 2021 there are various tax rules that make it attractive for both employees and employers to purchase a bicycle for business purposes. Enough reasons to consider a company bicycle in 2021. In this article we explain what the possibilities are for company bicycles and how it works.

Two ways for an employer to finance an employee's bicycle

When is an e-bike a company bicycle? This is the case when the (electric) bicycle is financed by the employer. It does not necessarily have to be the bicycle of an employee. As an entrepreneur, you can also buy your own bicycle for business purposes. This can be done in two ways. The first is to lease a bicycle on a business basis, just as with cars. A second way is by means of a loan, which is then repaid with the mileage allowance. What is the difference?


Loan from employer to employee

Another way for employers to get their people to cycle in a fiscally attractive way is with an interest-free loan. In this case the employee purchases the bicycle and thus becomes directly the owner. The employer can grant an interest-free loan to the employee. This loan is usually repaid with a mileage allowance of € 0.19 for commuting. Because this mileage allowance is always untaxed, this arrangement costs nothing extra for either the employer or the employee.

Buy an electric bike for business use from BESV

Can’t you wait to cover your business miles whistling on your bike? Or are you an entrepreneur and do you want fitter, happier and more productive employees? In this case, BESV will help you find the ideal company bike of 2021. Take a look at our collection of electric bikes or contact us for advice.

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