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Five advantages of an electric folding bike

You see them more and more these days: foldable e-bikes. And that is no surprise! The electric folding bike has undergone a great development in recent years. As a result, such a bicycle is actually as good as a standard e-bike in terms of performance, range and user experience. Moreover, an electric folding bike has many practical advantages. Curious to know what they are? We have listed the five most important advantages of an electric folding bike for you.


Ultimate freedom and flexibility

Do you dream of ultimate freedom? Do you prefer to live in the moment and not be tied down to anything? An electric folding bike will be your ideal companion in this case. A folding e-bike allows you to literally choose at any moment how you want to move.

Are you standing with your folded bike waiting for the bus because it is raining and then suddenly the sun breaks through? You will be able to step on your bike and start cycling with pedal assistance! Does it start to rain during your ride? Within a few seconds you can transform your bike into a portable package, so you can get on the bus, car, tram, taxi or train. Ultimate flexibility, ultimate freedom!

hoeveel calorieën verbrand je met fietsen op een e-bike

Not so easily stolen

It is the nightmare of every bicycle owner. You are certain that you’ve parked your bike in a certain place, but it’s no longer there. That can only mean one thing: it has been stolen! Because an e-folding bike can easily be taken with you, no worries it will be stolen. This makes a folding bike the perfect solution for those who live or work in an area where bike thieves are common.

Foldable e-bikes can always be taken on the train free of charge

In the Netherlands you can take a bike on the train. Traditional bikes, electric bikes and racing bikes are also welcome. You do have to buy a ticket for this and perhaps even more inconvenient: you cannot take a non-folding bicycle with you during rush hour. On the other hand, you can always take an (electric) folding bike with you, and it’s free of charge too. That makes this type of bike perfect for commuters who often travel during rush hour and work a bit away from the station. You take it with you, like any other kind of luggage, and once you’re out of the station you unfold it and whistle happily ride to work (or take the bus if it rains, you have all the freedom!).

An electric folding bike has all the advantages of a normal e-bike

In the light of all these practical advantages you would almost forget what it is all about. An electric folding bike is first and foremost a full electric bike. This is especially true for the BESVPSF1. With a range of over 60 km, you effortlessly and comfortably cycle long distances in a short time. You will notice that you get on your bike more often than in your car. This improves your condition and health; you save lots of money and you spare the environment. This means that you will also benefit from all the advantages of a conventional e-bike!

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