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Five reasons why you want an electric mountain bike

For many people, the idea of riding an electric mountain bike is still a bit of a strange one. Because although e-MTBs are becoming increasingly popular, many people do not really understand why you would choose an electric mountain bike over a normal carbon model. Isn’t the whole point of exercise to use your own body? It certainly is! And that is what you do with an electric MTB. Moreover, there are at least five good reasons why you would want an electric mountain bike. We have listed them for you.

Harder and further

With an electric mountain bike you will ride faster and you will last longer. It is true that your top speed will not be much higher (the motor is limited to 25 km/h), but thanks to the powerful support you have much more power at your disposal. Did you know that the BESV TRB1 XC has a torque of no less than 90 Nm? You will notice this especially on hilly and curvy terrain with loose surfaces. You can accelerate much faster, and believe us: that’s fun! And of course, your legs won’t acidify as quickly, so you can stay on your saddle and exercise longer.


More control

An e-mountain bike has a higher weight than a normal mountain bike because of the battery and the motor. Thanks to the high torque and the stiffer frame this does not make much difference to the manoeuvrability of the bike, but the road handling is a lot better! Especially on uneven terrain (where you will probably use your MTB the most) you will benefit from the extra weight. Potholes, stones and tree roots are felt much less.

Upper body training

Not only does an e-MTB train your leg muscles just as hard, it also gives you an even better upper body muscle workout. Because the bike is heavier, you will notice that you use your upper body when steering and balancing. Therefore, riding an electric mountain bike is an excellent exercise for your upper body, and you don’t have to go to the gym as often!

With an electric mountain bike you can also get home

It may vary by brand and model, but at BESV, we have found that an electric mountain bike has a similar effect on people as a sports car. When you cycle past, people turn their heads, when you stop, they want to know all about your bike and many even want their picture taken with it! With an e-MTB you can come home. Not only figuratively, because with an average of more than 700 Wh of battery capacity you will never stay on the side of the road with an empty battery again.

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