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How does an e-bike work?

Riding a premium e-bike, such as a BESV, is a fantastic experience. These bikes are designed to make your ride as pleasant and comfortable as possible. The electric motor, the battery and all other components work in harmony to not only give you extra support, but to make this support feel as natural as possible. Do you want to know exactly how an electric bike works? And how all the components of a BESV work together? Then this article is for you.

How does an e-bike work and what is the difference with a normal bicycle?

On a really good pedelec, you won’t even notice that you’re on a pedelec. You’ll only feel as if you have more power in your legs, so you can cycle faster. To make this possible, an electric bike is equipped with a number of extra parts that you won’t find on a normal bike. The most important are the electric motor and the battery. These provide the so-called pedal assistance: when you start to pedal, the motor starts to turn, so you don’t have to pedal as hard yourself!

When you are not pedalling, the motor is not running and you have no support. In that respect it works just like a normal bike: if you don’t do anything, the bike won’t do anything either. All our electric bikes are limited to 25 kilometres per hour, so you always ride safely, without the need for a helmet or driving licence. You can adjust the power of support via the display. Do you want to cycle at ease and still make a lot of kilometres? Then the highest setting is ideal. Do you want to burn more calories? Try then the lowest setting, or even completely switch off the motor!



To ensure that the motor provides exactly the right amount of support at the right time, the bike is equipped with sensors. There are always two. One sensor measures the speed of the bike. The second sensor (a rotation sensor or a power sensor) measures how hard or how fast you are pedaling. Together, these sensors ensure that the motor knows exactly what support you need.

The bicycle battery

The battery is the power source of your electric bike. On most BESV bikes the battery is nicely integrated into the frame, so it is not noticeable and the weight distribution is optimal. You charge the battery at the power point, after which the stored electrical energy is transferred to the engine while cycling. How many kilometres you can ride with a full battery depends on the battery capacity. This is expressed in Wh. The larger the battery capacity, the further you can ride with pedal assistance.

More about the battery of a BESV e-bike

Display e-bike

To operate your e-bike, it is equipped with a beautiful large display. On this display you can also see all kinds of important information at a glance, such as how fast you are going, how many kilometres you have travelled and what the status of the battery is. Some models are also equipped with Bluetooth, so you can link all this information to your Smartphone. Smart!

Powerful brakes

Because you can ride an e-bike quite fast and it is also a bit heavier than a normal bike, it is extra important that it is equipped with a powerful braking system. That is why our e-bikes are equipped with powerful hydraulic disc brakes. These guarantee a short braking distance, even at top speed.


Just like many traditional bikes, electric bikes are equipped with gears. You can choose between hub gears with a closed chaincase and a gearing system with a derailleur. Hub gears require less maintenance, and are therefore ideal for city bikes. Recreational and sportive bikes are equipped with derailleurs. These are lighter and offer more gear options.

Do you want to learn more about how an electric bike works, or do you have questions about a specific part? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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