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How do I choose an e-bike?

The 5 most important questions when choosing an e-bike

Do you want to buy an e-bike? Whether it’s your first e-bike, or your sixth: we at BESV can heartily recommend a BESV e-bike. Our collection offers you dozens of high-quality bikes, designed to give you the most fantastic cycling experience of all time. But which one should you choose? How do you choose an electric bike that’s perfect for you? To get you started, we’ve put together five key questions to help you find the perfect bike.

How will you use the e-bike?

It makes all the difference whether you want to use the bike to cycle to work or to go racing in the woods for afternoons. As with normal bikes – where you use a sturdy city bike in the city and a mountain bike in the woods – there are also different types of e-bikes. Which type is most suitable for you therefore depends on what kind of rides you want to make on the bike?


Recreational and longer trips

Do you like to travel by bike and/or do you often cover large distances (e.g., to work in another city)? Then you need a bike with a large range, a powerful engine and lots of gears. Our Trekking models have all this. Do you want to ride even longer distances and do you like a sporty seat? In that case you could also consider an Urban model.


Would you like to move through the countryside like a tiger and not be afraid to get a bit dirty? Then an e-MTB model will be most suitable for you. These bikes are equipped with a high-torque motor and extremely powerful suspension, allowing you to conquer even the most challenging surfaces and steep hills with ease.

How do you like to sit on a bike?

What is your ideal cycling position? Many people like to sit up straight, but others prefer to cycle in a sportier position. This aspect is very personal. Keep in mind that you sit straighter on a city e-bike than on a trekking e-bike. Do you like to sit more bent over and do you mainly make short trips? Then it’s smart not to focus on the city bikes, but also to consider a trekking bike.

What range do you need?

The range is the number of kilometres you can cycle with a full battery with pedal support. It is therefore important that you choose a bike with a range large enough for the distances you want to cycle. The bigger the battery capacity, the longer the range and the further you can cycle. It is smart to take a bit on the large side. Strong winds, cycling with an open jacket, cold weather, making an extra detour: these are all factors which reduce the maximum range. With a slightly larger battery, you don’t risk having to pedal twice as hard in the last few kilometres.

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High or low entry?

Also, with most e-bike models you can choose between a men’s frame and a women’s frame. What’s best for you? If you usually wear a skirt when cycling, or have trouble lifting your leg, it’s wise to choose a women’s frame with a low instep. If this is not a problem for you (or someone else who will be using your bike regularly), a men’s frame is preferable. This frame is slightly stiffer, which makes it a more comfortable ride for most people.

What’s your budget?

At BESV you will always find the perfect e-bike, no matter what your budget. So, you never have to buy an electric bike that is too expensive. All our bikes are made of high-quality materials and designed with an eye for detail. The difference between the more expensive and cheaper models is mainly in the engine and the battery. The more expensive models have a motor with more torque, so they start faster. A larger battery means you don’t have to recharge as often. In addition, more expensive bikes usually have a more comfortable suspension, more luxurious equipment (e.g., hydraulic disc brakes) and an onboard computer with more integrated functions. All not necessarily necessary, but nice!

Take a test ride and choose the electric bike that’s right for you

We hope the above questions have helped you find your ideal new e-bike. To find out which bike is really the right one for you, we recommend you take it for a test ride and try out different models. This can be done at our specially selected BESV dealer in your area. This way you can choose an electric bike that is a great fit for you.

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