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Insuring an electric bike

An electric bike, such as a BESV premium e-bike, is something you should enjoy for many years. That is why we offer an extensive warranty package as standard. However, theft or damage, for example due to a collision, are of course not covered by this guarantee. That is why it is smart to insure your electric bike. More and more insurers are offering special e-bike insurance. With such insurance you are covered for unexpected costs, just like with car insurance. Want to know more about e-bike insurance and what to look out for? This article is therefore intended to help you.

Is an e-bike insurance mandatory?

Insurance for your electric bicycle is not mandatory. So, it is your own choice whether you want bicycle insurance or not. However, most people who buy a new e-bike take out insurance because of the relatively high purchase price. Over 80% of all new electric bikes are now insured. We think this is logical: it makes you sit on your saddle just that little bit more carefree, and in case of theft you won’t get into any financial trouble.

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What is the coverage of an electric bicycle insurance?

All-risk coverage

Theft insurance


Arranged through normal insurance

Damage to others

Although, according to the Dutch Motor Insurance Liability Act (WAM), e-bikes fall into the category of motor vehicles, they are not subject to compulsory third-party insurance. Insurers have decided to include electric bickes in the scope of liability insurance for private individuals (AVP). This is not a legally compulsory insurance, but almost every Dutch person has one.


It is therefore a bit misleading that Inshared presents ‘Liability’ on its website as an ‘additional coverage’ to the insurance for your (electric) bike. Inshared simply refers to its own AVP.

What else should I pay attention to when insuring my e-bike?

Insure electric bike accessories

Policy conditions battery

Breakdown service

Insurance premium

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