Is an electric bike healthier than a regular bike?

Biking is healthy. Ask any family doctor what is the easiest thing you can do to improve your health and the answer is invariably, “Bike and walk regularly.” So biking is good for your health anyway, but which is better: electric biking or riding a regular bike? Most people still think that the old-fashioned steel steed is healthier, but nothing could be further from the truth. Scientific research has shown that an electric bike is healthier than a regular bicycle! Find out exactly how this works here.

An e-bike is healthier than a regular bike

The study, funded by the European Commission, involved a total of 10,000 cyclists from 7 major European cities. The group was divided into people who use electric bicycles and people who still cycle the old-fashioned way without pedal assistance. To find out which is healthier, the researchers looked at how much energy the different groups used per week on the bicycle. This was expressed in Metabolic Equivalent Task minutes per week, or MET min/wk for short. It turned out that those riding a regular bicycle consume an average of 4085 METS, while a person riding an e-bike consumes an average of 4464 METS. So people who ride electric bikes consume more energy on average!

Electric cyclists ride more miles

The results of this study are quite remarkable. Because isn’t it true that you use less energy because of the pedal assistance? Absolutely true! Per kilometer ridden, someone on an e-bike uses less energy than those who cycle purely on their own power. But even on an e-bike you have to pedal yourself and you will therefore also use energy. And now it comes: people with an e-bike cover many more kilometers per ride than someone on a normal bicycle. Almost twice as much: a normal cyclist rides an average of 4.8 kilometers per trip, while someone on an electric bike rides an average of 9.4 kilometers.

Electric bike is also a good alternative to the car

Not only do people on an e-bike cover more miles per trip, they also take their bikes instead of their cars more often. Unlike an ordinary bike, the e-bike is therefore a good alternative to the car. If you live ten kilometers from work, you will not easily go with a regular bike. After all, you want to arrive with sweat stains under your armpit, or too late because you have a headwind. With an e-bike this is not a problem, because if there is a headwind you can simply increase the pedal assistance. This way you will always arrive refreshed and on time.

Conclusion: make sure you have a bike that you enjoy riding

So do you want to grow old as healthy as possible? Then make sure you have a bicycle that you can easily cover many miles on, and that you would rather take than the car. Make sure you have a bicycle that you enjoy riding, such as an e-bike from BESV. These are designed with one goal in mind: to give you the very best cycling experience imaginable.


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