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On your mountain bike in the Ardennes? These are the 5 most beautiful routes

The Belgian Ardennes are just a stone’s throw away from Limburg. This is a true Valhalla for every adventurer and also the fanatic mountain biker won’t get bored at all. Do you have a mountain bike or an e-MTB and do you want to enjoy it close to the Netherlands? Then go mountain biking in the Ardennes! Especially for you, we have listed the five best MTB trails in the Ardennes.

Mountain biking in the Ardennes

The Ardennes is a forested and mountainous area. It is located in the southeast of Belgium, the north of Luxembourg and a bit in France. The area is more than 11,000 km ² and therefore offers many opportunities for mountain bikers of all levels. Beginners can enjoy long rides along valleys with beautiful rippling rivers. But also, as an advanced or even professional you will find beautiful and challenging routes, where regularly competitions and even world championships are held. An additional advantage is that all routes are neatly marked with signs, so you really cannot get lost. Wondering which routes and trails you can’t miss? Then read on.


#3. Houffalize

Houffalize is a beautiful town in the middle of the Ardennes, on the banks of the Ourthe. It is also known as the city of flowers and is world-famous for… mountain biking! World Cup competitions are held here every year. The valley in which Houffalize lies is surrounded by steep mountains, which makes it the perfect starting point for trails. Six different MTB routes start in the town, ranging from yellow (easy) to black (extremely difficult). So, whether you are just starting out or have been training for years: if you have never been to Houffalize, you should go there!

#4. Mullerthal (Luxembourg)

The Mullerthal region, in the east of Luxembourg, is also a very well-known mountain bike area. The combination of the many rivers, the hilly landscape, the endless forests and spectacular rock formations make this a region where you certainly do not have to get bored with an (e-)MTB. To make it easy for you, there are four MTB routes in the area. Can’t find them directly? Then take a look here!

#5. Regional Natural Park of the Ardennes (France)

A little further on, just across the border in France, is the Regional Nature Park of the Ardennes. Here the river Meuse winds its way through the landscape and is great for mountain biking. The number of trails and MTB routes is enormous, for both beginners and advanced bikers. There are no less than 22 well-maintained and marked routes along steep cliffs and through dense forests. Still not enough? Then there are GPS routes available, which you can load on your smartphone.

Practice for MTB trails in the Ardennes

Because there are also a large number of routes available for beginners, you don’t necessarily have to be trained to mountain bike in the Ardennes. Especially with an e-MTB, most trails are easy to do. But do you really want to try the most challenging and technical trails? Then it is smart to already practice a bit in the Netherlands. Curious where in the Netherlands you can go? Check out our article about the most beautiful MTB trails in the Netherlands.

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