Recreational E-Bike usage

Just imagine! The sun is shining and you are looking forward to the new day. A day to go out and about. By car? No, of course not. By bicycle of course! Because what is better than moving around in the open air? You can enjoy the scenery in peace, you can stop immediately if you see something special and you also get somewhere!

The group of people who like to do this is constantly growing and a large part of this group now has an electric tour or trekking bicycle. This is of course not for nothing.

Out and about with an e-bike

The advantage of an e-bike compared to a normal bicycle is, among other things, the distance that can easily be covered in one day compared to a ‘normal bicycle’. It takes less effort, so you can cycle longer. Because of the pedal support, cycling in this way is much more pleasant. Even headwinds or places that were previously inaccessible can now be reached with an e-bike.

E-bike on the rise

Because distances are increasingly easy to cover by e-bike and people like to go out for a day on the bike, the recreational e-bike is becoming increasingly popular. Long distances are covered effortlessly. Whether there is a headwind or hills to be conquered, the e-bike does it (almost) effortlessly. Even with support you are still in motion and you can still speak of a full body work-out.

Which E-Bike

To buy the right E-Bike for a recreational purpose, it is important to pay attention to a number of points, such as:

  • Frame height: If you want to make a big ride, you will be sitting on the bike for a while. The right frame size is essential for a comfortable ride. If you sit on a bike that is too big or too small, sooner or later problems will arise. A good dealer knows exactly how to calculate the height of the frame. So good advice is important.
  • The location of the motor: front, center or rear?
  • Weight: If you have limited space, can’t lift heavy loads or want to transport the bike regularly with a bike rack, it’s best to take a smaller or lighter model.
  • Battery capacity: If you want to cycle longer distances, choose an e-bike with a large battery capacity. For shorter distances you can save money by choosing an e-bike with a smaller battery capacity.
  • Note: The manufacturers of an e-bike indicate how far you should be able to go with a full battery. Keep in mind that this is determined under ideal conditions. So, few negative factors that affect the range. Usually, it is lower.

Do not forget to think of panniers. In many cases you still want to take something with you, and you don’t always want to cycle with a backpack.

Looks of your recreational e-bike

What is often forgotten, but certainly important, are the looks of the bike. It is great to ride a distinctive bike that is also of good quality. Moreover, you will find a distinctive bike faster if your bike is parked between dozens of other bikes.

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