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Shimano Steps e-bike motors - E5000, E6100 and EP800

The electric motor is the heart of your e-bike. Together with the battery, it ensures that you can comfortably enjoy pedalling support. A good motor is therefore extremely important. A large number of our premium e-bikes are therefore equipped with the well-known Shimano Steps motor system. These mid-mounted motors are powerful, light, reliable and exceptionally efficient. What’s more, the Shimano system works in perfect harmony with the other components of your electric bike. That makes cycling great!

Shimano Steps motors come in different types, each with their own unique advantages. On a BESV bike you will find one of the following three types: E5000, E6100 or EP800. The next lines describes the differences between these systems and on which BESV bikes you will find which type.

Shimano Steps motor systems - More than just a motor

The Shimano Steps system always has a motor at the bottom bracket. We also call this a mid-motor. The advantage of a mid-motor is that the weight is low in the middle of the bike. This brings the center of gravity of the bike low and in the middle, making the bike optimally balanced.

In addition to a motor, every Shimano Steps system is equipped with a computer system which allows you to switch manually and/or automatically between three assistance levels. The system is also equipped with a walk-assist function. Shimano Steps comes standard with a control display, but you can also connect it to, for example, a smartwatch or smartphone. Handy!


Shimano Steps E5000

The Shimano Steps E5000 is Shimano’s lightest and most compact motor. You will find it on some of our city bikes. It weighs only 2.5 kg and runs silently. This guarantees a relaxed ride on your bike and you won’t even notice that you’re riding a bike with a motor. The only real difference is the pedal assistance, and that’s what counts!

When adjusting the pedal assistance, you can choose from three settings: eco, normal and high, and you can also choose between support modes (comfort, sportive and custom). Thanks to a maximum torque of 40 Nm, you can get up to 200% pedal assistance.

Shimano Steps E6100

The Shimano Steps E6100 motor is more powerful than the E5000. It has a maximum torque of 60 Nm and offers up to 230% pedal support. This allows for quick acceleration and you can just as easily ride up a hill as down one. At the same time, it is 20% more fuel efficient than its predecessor, the E6000. So, you can enjoy a longer range without having to compromise on power. This motor system can also be fully adjusted to your needs and with the internal Di2 hub gears you have fully automatic shifting, which provides a great cycling experience. You will find the E6100 on our trekking models and on a number of city bikes.

Shimano Steps EP800

The Shimano Steps EP800 is the ultimate powerhouse. It is specially designed to overcome steep hills and tough trails with maximum control. You will find it on our e-MTB models. The lightweight (2,6 kg) motor provides smooth and direct assistance, making it feel like riding a normal mountain bike, but thanks to its 85 Nm of torque, you can get up to 400% pedal support. This allows you to conquer even the steepest slopes!

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