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Sporty electric bikes

Looking for a sporty electric bike? Then BESV is the right place for you. Our premium e-bikes are specially designed to give you the ultimate cycling experience, no matter what your destination. Whether you ride to work every day or use the bike regularly for recreational rides (or both), nothing is impossible with a BESV. In fact, even our least sporty bike is pretty sporty by any standards. Want to know more about our bikes, why they are so sporty, and which one is made for you? Then this article is for you.

What is a sporty e-bike?

A sporty e-bike is a bike on which you can make long trips comfortably and quickly. It makes them good quality bikes, on which you can rely every mile. In addition, such a bike is equipped with a large battery capacity, so you are assured of a long range. And of course, a powerful engine, so you can cycle up hills just as easily as down. Also important: a comfortable saddle and a stable frame, possibly with extra suspension.


Sporty electric city bikes

The BESV CT series, or our city bike line, stands for solidity and comfortable riding characteristics. The CT-bikes are equipped with wide tyres and a low-maintenance closed chaincase, so that you can effortlessly tiptoe through the urban jungle. In addition, the robust frame and sturdy aluminium fenders can definitely take a beating. And do you think it’s important that your city bike is also a bit sporty and that you can make long trips with it? Then how about the CT 1.1 or 1.3? These are equipped with a 630 Wh Darfon battery system and a powerful Shimano Steps E6110 mid-motor. This gives you a range of over 100 km and no less than 60 Nm of torque!

Sporty all-rounders: trekking e-bikes

Do you want a light, manoeuvrable bike, on which you have a large number of gears at your disposal? Then a BESV trekking e-bike is a very interesting option. These TR-bikes are completely made to perform all-round. They therefore excel in terms of ride quality and offer also a sporty riding position. The TR 1.1 and TR 1.2 are even equipped with Shimano’s absolute top motor: the Steps EP800. This motor offers you up to 400% support and 85 Nm of torque! And with a range of up to 130 km you can enjoy this for hours.


The BESV electric mountain bikes are made to go to extremes. Our designers have created these bikes especially for those who really want to exercise on their bikes, and also want to enjoy the advantages that pedal assistance offers: extra power for extra steep trails, and extra energy so you can enjoy the most beautiful MTB routes even longer. Therefore, they are equipped with the best suspension (full-suspension or hardtail), very strong Maxxis tires and of course the ultimate EP800 power unit. And make no mistake: these powerhouses are not going to do all the work for you. They only offer extra support when you push the pedals yourself. A excellent solution if you want to go fast and work up a sweat!

Sporty Urban e-bikes

The TRS and TRX Urban-series are made for every challenge. They are the ultimate all-round bikes and are a cross between an e-MTB and a city or trekking bike. Just like an e-MTB they are equipped with an extremely powerful EP800 mid-motor and a very large battery. You can choose between full-suspension or hardtail suspension, and always have a large number of gears (11 or 12) at your disposal. And just like a city bike, these bikes are equipped with a solid carrier, sturdy mudguards and high-quality lighting. In other words: the perfect sporty e-bike for those who want maximum power but don’t want to compromise on comfort!

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