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The e-bike as a replacement for the car

Where the car was the means of transport par excellence for a long time, this is no longer the case. The car is rapidly being overtaken by the e-bike. This form of mobility is healthier, better for the environment and often much faster than the car. And although an electric bicycle is much cheaper than a car, it is increasingly seen as a status symbol. Are you thinking about leaving your car at home more often, or even exchanging it for an electric bike? Read on to find out why you should (not) do so.

An e-bike is much cheaper than a car

In both purchase and use, an electric bike is spectacularly cheaper than a car. Even the most premium e-bike costs only a fraction of a new car. An average mid-range car will cost you about 30,000 euros to buy. An average e-bike only costs 3000. So that’s ten times cheaper!

If we look at the user costs, the differences are even greater. Insurance, maintenance, parking, fuel, tax: the Nibud calculated that an average car owner spends more than 400 euros per month on these things. And the e-bike? You can charge the battery for 10 to 15 cents a day and spend a few tenners a year for the maintenance so your bike will stay in perfect condition. That makes a difference of 40 to 50 times, even if you cycle every day.


Which is faster: bike or car?

Admittedly, when it comes to long distances, the car still wins from the e-bike in terms of speed. But the shorter the distances, the greater the advantage of the e-bike. Especially in cities, which are becoming increasingly car-free and where the speed limit will soon be 30 km/h in many places anyway, the e-bike is almost always faster for distances up to about 20 km. On a bicycle you often go in a straight line, while by car you always have to make a detour.

Moreover, a car is often slower than you think. How long does it take to walk from the parking lot to your destination (and back)? How much time do you spend at traffic lights and in traffic jams? And how many hours a month do you have to work to earn back the money that your car costs more than a bicycle? Jan modaal with his middle-class car has to work about 30 hours per month for this!

With an e-bike, do you no longer need a car?

Riding an e-bike therefore has many advantages compared to riding in a car. Do you live within 20 km of your work, do you not mind the occasional Dutch shower and do you hardly ever travel long distances? If so, we would immediately sell our car and trade it in for a nice BESV e-bike. If the weather is really bad or you want to travel a long distance, you can always use public transport.

However, do you like the freedom that the car gives you, do you live in a rural area, do you live more than 20 km from your work or do you have a large family that needs a lot of groceries? Then it’s not a good idea to sell your car. You just need it. In that case, you could try to replace as many car trips as possible with trips on your bike. That way, you will at least partly benefit from the advantages of cycling!

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