Thinking of going for an e-mtb?

Electric mountain bikes are becoming increasingly popular. The technology assisting your human efforts into forward motion is improving every day. An e-mtb enables you to ride further at the same time compared to a regular mountain bike and makes you enjoy descents and steep climbs. As such, they offer a very different riding experience. The more everyone rides them, the more everyone realises that it is a different riding experience.


Anyone can ride a regular bike.

Riding a bike is something most of us learned when we were about five years old. Riding an electric mountain bike is not really any different. However, it requires a unique skill to take tracks into unknown terrain and you will be able to drive faster, thanks to the motor. Perhaps the best thing about e-mtb’s is they are not going to replace ‘traditional’ mountain bikes. It is just a different riding experience. With more e-bikes being made to go off-road and onto your favourite trails, it is important to know how and where to ride your new e-mtb. But most of all, which e-mtb to choose.

Which e-mtb to choose

Which e-mtb to choose mainly depends on the tours you are going to make and the budget you are willing to spend. If you want to ride the very technical trails and willing to spend more, choose a Full Suspension e-mtb. On the other hand, choose a Hardtail e-mtb if your rides are primarily on easier tracks, forest paths and moderate downhill sessions and when you are on a tighter budget. On a Hardtail e-mtb, the power is transmitted directly from your legs to the drive, making this mountain bike faster than a Full-Suspension e-mtb. Uphill climbs on a Hardtail are easier not only because it is lighter but also as no power is lost through a suspension system.

Technical Trails

However, if you want to ride the very technical trails in a comfortable way, the Full Suspension system is the best choice. You will get more traction, and with their low centre, they are well-balanced. That is how Full-Suspension e-mountain bike will provide safety and thanks to a powerful e-drive, you can climb even the steepest hills.

E-bikes do not stop you exercising.

E-mtb’s are nearly all pedal-assist. A rechargeable, Lithium-ion battery powers the motor and is activated by pedalling. Stop pedalling, or hit 25 kph, and the power cuts out. The battery and motor generate in total 250 watts of assistance. The biker can choose different levels of assistance like Eco, Trail and Boost mode. The e-mtb responds intuitively to the biker’s pedal stroke. A strong pedal stroke provides more natural feeling assistance. Very difficult trails will always come down to a rider’s bike-handling, and has more to do with braking, weather conditions, and trail traffic than watts. But as you ride faster, you need to react quicker to obstacles and turns. This all will make your heartbeat increase and a higher training level as a result.

Why an e-mountain bike?

  1. It is fun.
  2. Makes it a great way to exercise.
  3. Outdoor activity.
  4. Adventurous biking.
  5. It is challenging.



Ride more trails. E-mtb’s help you do more of what you love by giving you a pedal-assist push.


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