Which is healthier, cycling or walking?


Cycling and walking are healthy. They are both good ways to work on your condition and your health in general. Doctors and other health professionals often advise their patients to walk or cycle more for good reason. But which is better to do? Which is healthier, biking or walking? This question will be answered today.

The difference between cycling and walking is not so great

Let’s get straight to the point: it doesn’t make much difference to your fitness whether you go walking or cycling. If you cycle quietly for an hour, you burn about 295 calories. And when you walk for an hour, you’ll also burn about 295 calories! Of course, you go a lot faster on a bike (and especially on an e-bike) than on your feet, so you cover more distance in that time. If we look at the distance per kilometre, we see that walking burns three times as many calories as cycling. So it is healthier to go to the supermarket on foot than by bike.


Cycling is less likely to cause injury

An important advantage of cycling and walking compared to sports like football, running and squash, is the smaller chance of injuries. Therefore, you can always continue to build up your condition, without the risk that you have to stop because of an injury.

As far as that goes, cycling has an edge over walking, because you are less likely to injure yourself. On a bike, you make controlled movements and your muscles, tendons and joints are constantly and evenly loaded. When you walk, your bones, joints and tendons get a small impact with every step you take, which increases the risk of strain and inflammation. You also have to watch out for potholes and unevenness, because otherwise you could sprain your ankle. You don’t have to worry about that on the bike.

Walking is better for osteoporosis

A famous football player once said, “Every disadvantage has its advantage.” He wasn’t talking about walking and cycling then, but it just might have been. Because it is precisely those little shocks that make walking healthier than cycling for people with osteoporosis. With this bone disorder, it is important that you put a lot of weight on your bones and joints so that they stay strong. That is why it is better for people with osteoporosis to walk than to cycle. Score one for walking!

Biking and hiking both offer many health benefits

So far, the differences for your health between cycling and walking. Because much more important are the similarities, especially the health benefits of exercise. We list the most important ones for you:

  • The condition of your muscles, heart and lungs improves, making you feel fitter.
  • You can concentrate better, feel happier and have less stress. Walking or cycling releases serotonin and endorphins. These substances are very important for all kinds of processes in your brain.
  • People who exercise regularly have a lower risk of cardiovascular problems.
  • Frequent cycling or walking reduces the risk of diabetes and may even reverse it.
  • By spending half an hour outdoors each day, your body naturally produces vitamin D.
  • Exercise also maintains the condition of your brain and improves your memory function.
  • Your fat percentage goes down and you maintain a healthy weight.
  • People with active lifestyles are less likely to develop cancer and joint problems.

Cycling or walking, which is the best?

So regular exercise is extremely important for your health and whatever you do – cycling or walking – is much better than sitting still. But for you personally: which is healthier, cycling or walking? The differences for your health are minimal, with a few exceptions. People who suffer from osteoporosis may be better off walking, while those who often suffer from strained muscles, tendons or sprained ankle ligaments may be better off cycling.

The most important thing for us is that you do what you like and what you feel comfortable with. That way, you’ll find it easier to keep up the exercise and you’ll see that your health will improve the most in the end. Do you like to walk through the city? Then go for a walk in the city. Do you like cycling in nature? Then go cycling in nature. Don’t have a nice bike yet? Then take a look at our recreational e-bikes. They are designed to transform exercise in a fantastic moment.

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